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Who likes slug meat on they're brain gravy?

If men were having babies, the future would take on a whole new look. I know several men, the majority in fact, that still think, on a very deep subconscious level, that womens real purpose is to function as brood mares for the state. Now what happenes when that function is no longer required in there minds? these are the same crusty white men who run the government and corperations of america.
I think it would further devalue women in america. I think that the moral majority would be these old christian white men who would find a way to turn women into walking fuck holes for there twisted libedos.
This doesn't mean I'm for or against male pregnancy, I just think that the state of opinion of womens and mens roles in society need to be more educationally based, rather than naturally based, before I positive outcome would be reached. Otherwise we would just have some very twisted men walking around.
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